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Eggs, 2020, oil and acrylic on stretched linen, 40" x 32"
oil on stretched linen
40" x 32"

My work focuses on maintenance labor and the domestic arena; subjects that are both often overlooked in favor of something more glamorous. The inevitability of this work makes it easy to ignore, and therefore hard to see, but of course it is ubiquitous and highly gendered. This painting uses subjects from domestic work like clothespins and groceries, layered with the security pattern from the inside of an envelope. This kind of mark is a way for me to think about the invisibility that typifies domestic labor and it appears in a lot of my work. I painted Eggs during the first few weeks of the 2020 shelter in place, when I was working as a public high school teacher from home with my three kids. Having enough eggs seemed very important at some point. My work has always attempted to connect personal experience with larger social pressures and recent experiences have amplified this.

Exhibited at the de Young Open, San Francicso, CA Oct 10th 2020 - Jan 3rd 2021