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In the spring of 2020, when pandemic fears were huge and online teaching skills were small, I would rush to finish each zoom class and take my break in the garden. The garden did not care at all about the news and the winter rains were making everything green. The emerging tulips knew no shame about being so beautiful and the oxalis was optimistic about new territories. This was a magic antidote to anxiety. I showed Albrecht Durer's Patch of Turf to my online art students and urged them outside to paint what they saw. In my studio, I followed my own instructions for once, and started painting the weeds and sprouts and snails of my garden as carefully as I could. This was a big shift from the work I normally make, but there was no longer a normal.

A lot has happened since that time, but this feeling has stuck with me. These paintings of invasive species and garden weeds in bloom are a joyful escape from my interior world. They are how I pay my respects for spring.